Microsoft has acquired Minit!

Minit, a company that provides process mining technology for other organizations, was acquired by Microsoft on the 31st of March for an undisclosed sum. Process mining involves spotting root cause workflow issues by pulling data from systems, including desktops, email apps, and workflows, and it is a key part of robotic process automation. Minit has been trying to help other businesses improve processes and operational efficiency. They enable their clients to gain insight into how processes run and help them transform how they analyze, monitor, and optimize their processes.

Microsoft has been showing interest in helping organizations discover and optimize their business processes by bringing data and execution together, and this announcement supports this commitment. This is not the first time Microsoft has worked with process mining – they launched new features in Power Automate in 2019 and also acquired Softomotive (an RPA software provider). Minit acquisition will enable Microsoft to help their clients digitally transform as it will provide a full picture of their processes and operations while also analyzing and improving them. Minit sees this acquisition as a chance to help their customers on a bigger scale, while the customer support and engagement with their customers will not be affected by this. 

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