Why Slovakia

Top reasons to join the Slovak innovative environment.

General info about Slovakia

Slovakia grows fast not only in terms of GDP but also in terms of its innovative and entrepreneurial potential. 

Today Slovakia has become increasingly infiltrated by modern industrial infrastructure, but it still offers breathtaking views of wine-growing valleys, picturesque castles, and historical cities.

A small community of innovation enthusiasts and accomplished entrepreneurs started organizing events like Startup Weekends and Startup Awards.

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9 reasons, why Slovakia


Excellent location for growth and key connections

Slovakia is located in the heart of Europe with access to surrounding markets, where Slovak start-ups can expand. Slovakia may be a small country, but we are in the right place.


We innovate the whole country

Slovakia as a country offers innovators the opportunity to be part of several growing and developing regions that are full of creative and innovative potential (Bratislava, Trnava, Košice, Nitra). Slovakia is not just about Bratislava.


Testing environment thanks to a connected country

Slovakia offers investors an ideal country for a testing environment, where banks or other organizations bring the latest technologies to citizens, which they then apply abroad. This is also possible thanks to a quality broadband connection available throughout the country.


Modern management and approach to innovation

Cities have leaders supporting the development of start-up projects in various areas. Cities are the engine of social innovation and new projects for the creative and cultural industries, leading to an open environment and the full use of human potential.


Strong digitally oriented universities

Slovak universities and faculties of technology compete to be the leaders in terms of the quality of ICT skills provided to their graduates. This is a sign that Slovakia wants to play a direct role in the field of digital innovation and provide the top talent in the world.


Places to expand your ideas

Slovakia offers to each project the opportunity to benefit from our business incubators and accelerators and the support of experts for the development of business ideas (concentrated in numerous coworking centers). If you want to develop your business, Slovakia offers a place where you can do it.


Excellent language skills of the young generation

Many young people speak two or more foreign languages, which allows companies in Slovakia to think internationally about their business.


200 % tax-deduction on expenditures on science and research

Companies operating in Slovakia can deduct an additional 200% of their own expenditures on research and development from the tax base when applying the so-called Super-deduction. Thanks to this, companies in Slovakia know that investing and innovating pays off and the state is willing to reward such investments.


Presence of large companies in the field of ICT and business services

Slovakia is a hub for many international companies that have helped to create a strong base of employees in the field of ICT and business services. This also means that most of the modern software solutions and services are available in Slovakia.

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