Legal Templates

In this section, you will find templates of basic documents used (i) in relation to the standard operation of the company and (ii) to facilitate the entry of investors into the company. These templates reflect upon minimum market standards for similar documents, however, they cannot be used in, or applied to, various types of situations and circumstances without further consideration. The documents were not drafted for specific transactions or specific setup, hence prior to use, they should be reviewed and modified by lawyers experienced in this field. Each document offers only a basic glimpse of the specific topic and in no event can be deemed to be complex or exhaustive.

The documents have been drafted and reviewed by Slovak law firms Majerník & Miháliková, Taylor Wessing, and Sparring.

Investment Agreement (EN)

Investment Agreement is crucial when raising investment as it sets forth what stake is …

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DD Request List (EN)

DD request list is a list of documents or information required from the company by inve…

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Shareholders’ Agreement (EN)

A Shareholders’ Agreement or SHA, as commonly called, is a standard agreement bet…

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Contract for Executive Director (SK)

This is a standard agreement between a Slovak company and an executive director. It is …

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Articles of Association (EN)

Articles of Association or Memorandum of Association (in Slovak spoločenská zmluva) is …

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Seed Convertible Loan Agreement (EN)

Convertible loan agreement (CLA) allows an investor to convert a loan it has made to th…

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Employment Agreement (SK)

This is a standard employment contract between a Slovak company and an employee. The co…

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Non-disclosure Agreement (EN)

NDA, a non-disclosure agreement, is a legally binding contract that creates a confident…

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IP Assignment and License Agreement (EN)

The licensing agreement, which is set between the licensor (the IP owner) and the licen…

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Equity Investment Term Sheet (EN)

A term sheet is a nonbinding agreement (with a couple of exceptions, such as governing …

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