Sensible Biotechnologies Raises Over $4 Million in Investment to Revolutionize mRNA Manufacturing

Sensible Biotechnologies, an Oxford-based biotech startup founded by two Slovaks, has recently secured a pre-seed investment of $4.2 million to accelerate the development of their platform for production of high-quality mRNA. Sensible Biotechnologies aims to establish scalable and affordable production processes to unlock the full potential of mRNA technology for a wide range of applications, including the development of mRNA based vaccines and drugs.

In addition to securing new investment, Sensible Biotechnologies announced a strategic partnership with the world leader in cell engineering, Ginkgo Bioworks, which has a wealth of experience with the development of mRNA vaccines.

Unlocking the Potential of mRNA Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the enormous potential of mRNA technology for providing novel solutions, but existing mRNA production methods struggle to meet the required properties for many potential applications. Sensible Biotechnologies focuses on scalable and cost-effective production of high-quality mRNA to address this challenge and expand the potential of mRNA technology through cell-based mRNA production. 

“Miro Gašpárek and Marián Kupčulák are working on a revolutionary technology that could significantly help expand the production of mRNA-based drugs,” says Andrej Petrus, Investment Director at ZAKA VC. By reducing costs, increasing the quality and purity of mRNA, Sensible Biotechnologies can open doors to many other emerging biotechnology firms, providing them with a platform for faster and more affordable development and testing of mRNA therapies.

Sensible Biotechnologies’ recent pre-seed investment of $4.2 million represents a significant milestone in their mission to revolutionize mRNA manufacturing. By developing a scalable and cost-effective production platform for high-quality mRNA, the company aims to broaden the potential of mRNA technology and improve access to innovative therapies. The strategic partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks further strengthens Sensible Biotechnologies’ prospects for success. As the field of biotechnology continues to evolve, investments in companies like Sensible Biotechnologies pave the way for groundbreaking advancements that can transform healthcare and contribute to the development of life-saving treatments.

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