The new 30 under 30 list is full of talented Slovaks

Forbes magazine recently introduced this year’s 30 under 30 list for the tenth time. This list is issued annually by Forbes magazine and some of its regional editions. These lists vary in length, depending on the country. While in the US, they recognize 600 people, with 30 being chosen in 20 different industries, the Slovak edition of this list is composed of 30 people that are divided into six categories:

1.      Business

2.      Start-up and technologies

3.      Art, creative industry, and entertainment

4.      Social innovators and public administration

5.      Science and education

6.      Sport

All the chosen people, are not even 30 years old and are already excelling in their field of work, and Forbes magazine chose them as people who are changing the world around them. Among the names that have been selected for this year’s list is for example Tomáš Halgaš, whose social network has been bought by Twitter, Brian Kajtor, who has become a part of the expansion team of Wolt, or Veronika Beskydiarová, who is a Masterchef Czech Republic winner.

This list is one of the most followed projects by Forbes magazine. Five finalists in each category are chosen based on consultations with experts, universities, and finalists of the previous years. When it comes to the categories of business or start-ups, the finalists are chosen also based on the profitability of the company they represent, its growth potential, and also what kind of money they are using to help their company grow. Once a person is chosen, they can’t be chosen in a different year’s list; however, they can be nominated to the European list or the global one.

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